Smithing is one of the most costly and slowest skills to train in when playing RuneScape (RS). To train in Smithing, you must gather or purchase raw materials and change them into another form. Smithing involves two processes: smelting and forging. Smelting is the process of making metal bars from raw ore using a furnace. Forging, known to RS players as smithing, is the process of creating weapons and armor from metal bars using an anvil. Each time you perform one of these processes, you gain experience in the Smithing skill. To train in Smithing, you must purchase the materials from the Grand Exchange or from another player. To make money from Smithing, you must mine your own raw materials. Mining your own materials is a very slow, tedious process.As a free member to play RS ,Smithing seems slower. Never mind we will share u some useful guide for u to raise your Smithing

Train your mining to level 10 mining tin, copper or clay. You can mine all three ores from the southwest Varrock mining site. Walk to Varrock equipped with a bronze or iron pickaxe.Complete the quest “The Knight’s Sword.” You need two iron bars to complete this quest. You can purchase these bars from the Grand Exchange. After you complete the quest, you will be rewarded 12,750 Smithing experience, taking you to level 29 Smithing.

Smelt silver bars until you reach level 30 Smithing. You can purchase the silver from the Grand Exchange or mine the silver in the southwest Varrock mining site. If you have access to Al Kharid, you can mine silver there, too.Smelt silver bars until you reach level 30 Smithing. You can purchase the silver from the Grand Exchange or mine the silver in the southwest Varrock mining site. If you have access to Al Kharid, you can mine silver there, too.

Smith iron platebodies purchasing iron bars from the Grand Exchange. Alternatively, you can use any iron you have in your bank or mine the ore yourself. Smithing iron platebodies is the most efficient way to power level Smithing until reaching level 88. However, you will lose approximately eight coins per experience point. If you do not want to power smith, continue making the platebodies until you reach level 40


Smelt gold bars.RS Gold is the cheapest way to raise Smithing levels. You can either mine the …

People get into casinos to have a good time playing and winning. Many casino games await guests who wish to have a good time. Slot machines are one of the casino games that could immediately give away quick and big prizes. Matching the symbols with every spin gives a corresponding reward. The idea is to match the symbols and prizes are in proportion with the bets. Taking home the jackpot prize is as easy as pressing a button. Present slot machines come in a variety of themes with unique number of reels and paylines.

Auto Play Feature

Many of the new slots game have this feature. Many game developers have included this feature on their slots games. The point is to just continuously spin the reels and wait for the game results. The game machine would continue to give rewards even without pressing or tapping the screen. It could definitely help players win big prizes. This feature could be turned on or off depending on the players.

Twin Spin Slots

The Twin Spin Slot casino game is one of the very few games that are kind enough to give away so many winning chances. It has 243 possible winning combinations. The gaming symbols for the game is a combination of high value numbers 7, 9 and 10. High card game symbols J, Q, K and A. Classic slots game symbols diamond, bell, cherry, Bar and Wild. The Wild symbol could act as a substitute for any of the gaming symbols, giving away bigger prizes every time it lands on the screen. Play Twin Spin Slots has all the game basics and casino bonuses players could enjoy.

The most prominent feature of the game is that it begins with two reels spinning at the same time. It gives the same spin results. The identical spinning reels do not stay in one place, it moves from anywhere in the gaming screen. These reels that give identical results could increase from two to five at the very maximum. It gives away so many chances of winning rewards in every spin.

Skill Stop Feature

This feature is an exclusive for this exciting NetEnt slots game. It gives players the chance to stop the reels from spinning themselves. It would not guarantee a bigger reward but players could control when to stop the gaming reels.

Bitcoin Gambling

Bitcoin users enjoy a great deal of …

he casino is an exciting place. The constant noise and flashing lights of the rows of fruit machines and that satisfying chug of coins when they pay out big time. The expectant huddle around the roulette table. Players have their fingers crossed hoping their lucky number will come in. The quiet tension of the card tables, players going head to head against the house and each other in games of blackjack and poker. There really is something for everyone.

It’s not always practical or possible to get out to the casino and thanks to the Internet there’s no need to visit to play. Online casinos are recreating the buzz of their bricks and mortar counterparts and more and more players are getting involved.

The Party Bets casino is one of the most popular on the net. It’s got all the games that people expect plus the opportunity to play and practice for free. The Party Bets free casino is the perfect place to get started. Here players can get a feel for the site, find out how it all works before playing in the live cash games and trying to win big.

It’s always worth checking for special offers at the Party Bets Casino. New players can qualify for free or matched credit simply for signing up. That extra credit comes in handy and can be staked against anything, so no matter which of the casino games players like the most they can have a few free spins or bets.

The Party Bets free Casino has got everyone talking. For many people it’s their introduction to the world of online gaming. It’s easy to get started and a whole lot of fun. There’s no need to wait for a night out at the casino. It’s right here in the living room.…

You are aware that apart from the traditional way, casino games are played online also which are called Internet casinos or virtual casinos. Online casinos have become more popular mainly because of the facility they are providing to the participants that they can play casino games staying at home. It is this feature of convenience which is making the online version more and more popular day day.
There are numerous online casino websites for you to choose from. The number of these websites is increasing day day. Unlike the traditional casino games, bets are generally placed through credit card accounts and if money is won, it will also be collected in the same way.
Online casino facility also offers you the real casino environment, covering rules, style and procedure of the real casino games. Now, the multi-player games are also developed allowing people to play with others with a purpose to increase the gaming experience.
Some people have doubts whether online gambling is legal or not. They are certainly legal. But, the online casino companies generally need to obtain license to run the Internet gambling sites. Generally majority of the online casino sites operated in one country have their servers located in other countries where it is legal to play online casino games.
So, do you know how you can play an online casino game on a website? Let us see what generally happens. You arrive at an Internet casino i.e., an online casino website which provides you the list of games and options you can avail yourself. Then you will be prompted to the web page where you can register to the site in the form of opening an account and depositing the required amount of money providing your basic personal information. Funds can be deposited using a credit card, electronic check, money order etc. Then you can use the website to place bets and start the online casino games.
Online casino websites generally offer three types of online casinos:
* Downloadable form: To play this type of games, you need to download the game, which will be offered free the online casino website you have visited. These types of game you will need to have them on your hard drive. In this way, you need to download the software in your system, install it and then you can play. Casino games in the …

The internet has brought a lot of changes to the world starting from the fact that it has made everything quite easy compared to the traditional ways in which we used to do things. Indeed gambling is part of the change that the web has revolutionized. People have shifted from playing blackjack on the tables to doing this right at their homes. Well, this is very exciting as you only require internet connection at you place and you are good to go. The good thing about playing this game on the web is the fact that you can choose the extent of difficulty that you want to play; this gives a good learning environment to the amateur players.

You make your decisions on playing

Undeniably playing blackjack online is one of the best things that happened to this game. The fact that you can play from your bedroom relaxing or even the lounge watching TV makes the game convenient. As a result of this, you can choose either a fast game or a slow game depending on your expertise. The slow game is the best when you want to view all the moves that your opponents are making but if you want to skip these steps you can play the fast option. When do you play this game? This actually depends on the time that you are free to play; evening, morning etc. the choice is all yours. Another incredible fact about online gaming is that there will always be an opponent waiting on the other end of the line.

Safety is top priority in online gaming

Playing blackjack online is the fairest option that you can choose. Unlike the traditional method of play, the chances of stealing or cheating are close to nil. Even hackers have tried to apply cheats on their gaming but nothing seems to work. This can be attributed to the technology that is applied to the casino systems. Penetrating through these systems is impossible which makes the games absolutely fair for all. There are some renowned casinos that are approved to operate eCOGRA – this seal gives the players a reason to play while relaxed knowing that they are fully protected. Thus it is essential to play in online casinos that have this seal to make sure that you are not threatened any risk.


Making your payments and getting paid

The way …

A lot of people wonder what the best poker strategies are and usually those are people without very much experience in playing poker and often they also do not apply accepted poker strategies correctly. Often the mistakes in applying poker strategy are because the player is not aware of how to apply them correctly or they are just totally outmatched a player or players who know and understand these strategic applications to the game because they have more experience than the average Joe. Why dont we get started now on learning some top poker strategies and how to apply them correctly?

Position in a poker game is perhaps the most important Strategy to learn. The reason that position is so important is because where you are at the table in relation to the action at the table will play a key role in how you play out your hand. The further you are seated away from the initial action will allow you to determine your chances in a hand and what cards may have been played the other players, which will allow you to more accurately calculate your odds of winning the hand.

Psychology is the second most important strategy in a poker game. There is a lot more going on in a poker game than just simply playing the cards you are dealt. You also have to be able to play the players at your table. Every player is different in one way or the other and their psychology is important as to how they play their hands. If they are upset, or happy, or moody, or even sick it can and will affect their play. Knowing the best way to beat them psychologically is a great weapon to have in your arsenal.

Personal knowledge of the players at your table is a very important strategy you can use to your advantage in a poker game. All players whether they are experienced or not have habits that is unique to themselves. These habits or quirks are known as tells and knowing your opponents tell can be an excellent way for you to take advantage of your adversaries and win the pot.

Patience is absolutely one of the most important strategies to apply in poker. While it is easy to understand the importance of patience it is often hard for a player to apply this strategy. To be …

If you usually spend your evenings lying on the couch because you are too tired to get up and do any fun activities, you should be aware of the fact that you can still do something entertaining. All you have to do is to look for a gambling guide that will offer you information regarding the TOP ONLINE CASINO and that will allow you to read comprehensive reviews about each and every single one of these gambling sites. For instance, APOLLO SLOTS is a great choice if you want to get a free bonus.

You might believe that there is no way in which you could get a no deposit bonus and not give anything in return. Well, the TOP ONLINE CASINO will offer you the bonus as long as you sign up and offer a few personal details. If you think about it, there is no harm in offering them your name and your email address. After all, you will have access to fun games that can even help you win cash prizes. If this is your first time visiting a website such as the APOLLO SLOTS, you should know that you can play various games.

You might want to start with slots because these games are simple, exciting and do not require you to deposit any money into your account. Of course, that is if you decide to play the demo version of this particular game. In fact, this is a really good idea because the longer you play without placing actual bets, the more confident you become. You will be able to learn more about online slot games and prepare yourself for the real deal.

If you get to a point where you want to try something else, you should know that APOLLO SLOTS will also offer you the option to play poker and a variety of other exciting games. It all depends on your personal preferences. The TOP ONLINE CASINO will offer you the opportunity to play fun games without having to lift more than finger. With a simple tap on your phone’s screen or a click, you can place a bet.

When you are exhausted, but still want to do something productive, you should consider checking out a reliable gambling guide and see which of the existing online casinos will provide the largest bonuses. Before you sign up on any of these websites, make sure …